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The LXXXVIII (2021) issue of “Studii și articole de istorie” will include articles grouped under the following headings:

  • Historical experiences of post-crisis recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the first crisis to hit humanity. Historical examples are various, from the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Black Death of the 14th century to more recent events, such as the world wars or the Great Depression of 1929. Hit by the crisis, some societies have stalled, while others have often found innovative ways to overcome the stalemate and resume growth and progress. We welcome both synthetical overviews and empirical studies focusing on one or several of the following aspects:

  • Historical experiences of overcoming demographic shocks;
  • Scientific discoveries and technological innovations in response to crisis challenges;
  • Post-crisis political and social restructuring;
  • Experiences of economic recovery;
  • Overcoming individual and/or collective trauma caused by war, disease, famine, genocide and/or political repression.
  • Online teaching: an opportunity for historical knowledge?

We welcome both synthetical overviews, and empirical studies focusing on one or several of the following aspects:

  • Components of historical knowledge, which are better learned through online teaching;
  • Limits of online history teaching;
  • Psychological implications of physical distancing and online communication on school age youngsters.
  • History of education
  • Didactics and educational management in teaching and learning history. Analyzes and opinions
  • Miscellanea
  • Book reviews


Prospective authors are encouraged to inform the editor and/or the secretariat about their intention to publish in this issue of the journal; using this option will allow them to receive feedback which will help them in designing their contributions.



  • January 15, 2021 – the full version of papers and book reviews submitted for publication is sent electronically.
  • January - March 2021 – the evaluation process of the contributions submitted, after which the secretariat will communicate to the authors either the publication approval or the reviewers’ requests to improve their contribution; after this communication, the authors will have 1-2 weeks to improve their paper (or to argue against the requests of the reviewers) and to send the final version of their contribution.
  • May 15, 2021 – the printing of issue LXXXVIII/2021.


All the correspondence related to the “Studii și articole de istorie” journal will be addressed electronically to: Style guidelines are available on the website and sent upon request by the secretariat to the prospective authors, together with a template for their contributions.


The editors and the secretariat retain the right to reject any paper that is not original, does not comply to academic standards, is not suitable for the journal profile, misses the deadlines or disrespects the style guidelines.